Traditional Rakhi Set with Black Beads and Decorative Pendant


Celebrate Rakshabandhan 2024 with our Traditional Rakhi Set featuring black beads and a decorative pendant. This set combines elegance and tradition, making it a perfect choice for the festive occasion. Surprise your brother with this unique and beautifully crafted Rakhi.

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Make this Rakshabandhan 2024 memorable with our Traditional Rakhi Set, which showcases the perfect blend of elegance and cultural heritage. The set includes a stunning Rakhi adorned with black beads and an intricate pendant, exuding a sense of sophistication and charm. The pendant is embellished with vibrant colors and detailed craftsmanship, symbolizing the love and protection you wish for your brother.

This Rakhi set is complemented by a red thread adorned with golden and green accents, adding to its traditional appeal. The contrasting colors of the black beads and the red thread create a visually appealing design that stands out. Additionally, the set features white and red bead strings, along with fragrant plumeria flowers, enhancing the festive spirit and adding a touch of freshness to the celebration.

Ideal for those who appreciate traditional designs with a modern twist, this Rakhi set is a thoughtful way to express your affection and care for your brother. Celebrate the bond of sibling love with this exquisite piece, crafted to perfection for Rakshabandhan 2024.

  • Materials: Black beads, gold-plated pendant, red thread
  • Inclusions: Rakhi with pendant, bead strings, decorative flowers
  • Packaging: Secure and elegant packaging to ensure the Rakhi reaches your brother in perfect condition
  • Shipping: Fast and reliable shipping options available

Make Rakshabandhan 2024 unforgettable with this traditional and stylish Rakhi set. Order now and celebrate the beautiful bond of love and protection with your brother.


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